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Deo Auto Services

General Mechanic

Specialized in volvo and european models

We use our cars every day to get from Point A to Point B, so auto repair isn’t something to take lightly. With construction, road and weather hazards, irresponsible drivers etc. you do not want to add poor car maintenance to the list of factors that could affect yours or your family’s safety in your vehicle or cause need for tune up services.

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Tuneup at Deo Auto

Every car needs a regular scheduled maintenance trip to the auto mechanic for a tune up. If you are in need of auto repair, this needs to get taken care of immediately. The engine is designed to be the power plant and mechanically or electrically produce power to your transmission to ultimately move your car down the street.

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“This is a great honest family run garage that has never tried to change or fix anything that does not need attention. They deal in all car models but specialize in Volvo. I am so happy knowing that I will never be taken for a “ride”. Give them a shout. You will not be dissappointed.”

Harry Dietrich

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