Every car needs a regular scheduled maintenance trip to the auto mechanic for a tune up. If you are in need of auto repair, this needs to get taken care of immediately. The engine is designed to be the power plant and mechanically or electrically produce power to your transmission to ultimately move your car down the street. Not taking care of your engine could lead to unnecessary transmission repair as well. Proper maintenance over time will reduce repair bills in the long run.

In order to find out if your vehicle may need maintenance or repair, one wants to look out for any automobile sounds or noises that seem out of the ordinary, as well as oil and coolant leaks. When parts to your engine leak, you run a high risk of overheating or starving the engine for oil pressure. Oil changes and tune ups keep it running smoothly. You can always stop by DEO Auto Services in Mont-Royal, QC so our team can run engine diagnostics to pinpoint if any problems may exist.


The transmission has over 600 moving parts that cause heat in the transmission which can cause the fluid to fail overtime. Poor fluid and sludge build up in both the transmission and torque converter must be removed and replaced with new fluid and special fluid conditioner. This results in a smoother and quite shifting transmission, as well as reduction of noise, and a longer component life. It is important to change fluid in the transmission every 2 years or 50,000 kilometers to prevent any damage and to have a trouble-free transmission.


Regular oil changes should be done to keep the mechanical parts of your engine from prematurely failing and it prolongs the life of a gasoline or diesel type of engine. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend changing the oil once a year with 12,000 kilometers with synthetic oil or every 6,000 kilometers or 6 months with regular oil in a passenger car and light truck gas engines.


It is imperative you keep your brakes in good condition. You never know when you might unexpectedly hit traffic and have to make a sudden stop, or when a kid might run out in the middle of the street without seeing you coming. Having them go out could cause a serious accident. Our professional opinion is that brake service should be inspected at least once a year, especially if you commute often and take long road trips.

We also recommend you get brake service if there is a low or spongy brake pedal, hard brake pedal, the check engine light stays on, or you continuously hear squealing or grinding sounds when pressing it. Our technicians here at DEO Auto Services in Mont-Royal, QC understand the brake system; from the drum models to disc models and electronic anti-lock brake sensors, brake pedals to hydraulic brake fluid, and brake master cylinder to power brake booster. So call us today, and we’ll make sure you are up and going in no time.

We can also perform car maintenance services such as oil changes, engine repair and transmission repair.


No matter how good the model, every car will eventually need to come in for repair. This may be due to a problem with the suspension, or because the engine isn’t quite at its old strength.

Whatever the case, a foreign and European auto repair shop is sure to be able to fix it. However, German auto repair can be expensive. As a car owner, you should take your vehicle in for periodic auto maintenance. This allows the mechanics to find and fix problems before they start, saving you a lot of time and money. Doing so is also a good safety measure, as you don’t want a vital part like the timing belt to break while you’re driving through a busy street.

Because foreign auto repair can be done relatively quickly, we invite you to bring you vehicle in to be inspected by a professional mechanic. Contact DEO Auto Services if you’re looking for a reputable foreign auto repair shop in Mont-Royal, QC. We can provide you with transmission repair, engine repair, brake service and more!


We use our experience, our expertise, and our diagnostic equipment, and we take the time to determine the exact cause of your trouble. Then we use the highest quality parts to replace only the specific parts that have malfunctioned.

We are experts at all types of diagnosis, which means when the repair is done you can expect your car to operate the way it was meant to. When your check engine light comes on, we can usually see you the same day and plug into it with our diagnostic equipment to read the fault codes that are stored there to find out if it's something serious or minor.